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Scientific and Industrial Laboratory Equipment Castings, Components

Specialists in aluminum castings, castings machining
and automated inspection


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Faro laser system is used to pre-qualify castings, assuring that only castings that meet customer specifications receive precision machining by Accuform. AccuForm holds face-to-face tolerance of well under .001" for these digital x-ray aluminum housings. Precision fixtures, rather than common vices, maintain component integrity, prevent distortions. X-ray housing machined by AccuForm

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Scientific and Industrial Laboratory Equipment

AccuForm works with the design and engineering staffs of leading
manufacturers of lab equipment, including industrial laser systems,
and laser pre-press equipment used in aluminum printing plate engraving. 
We also produce and precision-machine components for absorption
spectroanalysis, gas chromatography, laser housings and
other support structures, and frames for large format printing.

Markets we serve:
Medical equipmentScientific and industrial laboratory equipment
MilitaryAutomotive aftermarket and performance partsAerospace
Heavy equipment


Scientific and Industrial Laboratory Equipment Castings, Components

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