Precision Machining
Precision Machining

Specialists in aluminum castings, castings machining
and automated inspection


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Faro laser system is used to pre-qualify castings, assuring that only castings that meet customer specifications receive precision machining by Accuform. Vehicle fuel injection parts Fuel injection system components receive precision machining in one of Accuform's 2-pallet machining centers.

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Precision Machining
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AccuForm is the Regional Leader in Precision Machining

AccuForm is industry’s preferred source for high quality castings, and precision
  If you have castings, and need precision machining, or if you need a complete
solution including castings and precision machining, AccuForm is an excellent resource,
with solid credentials, and a long track record of highest reliability.   

AccuForm’s state-of-the-art machining centers accommodate the precision machining
needs of customers throughout North America.  We have supplied castings, and precision
machining, for virtually every sector of industry.

Every aspect of our work, from the design of fixturing and workholding, to creating the
process protocols for our CNC machines, to unit testing and certifying components,
is dedicated to fulfilling your requirements for precision machining, whether in specialty
or high production quantities, with normal or “fast-track” lead times.  We are experts in the
development of precision machining procedures for parts with many machined features,
including ultra-close tolerances, and tight alignment requirements. 

Systems used for precision machining include horizontal machining centers from both
Makino and Matsuura, arguably two of Japan’s most respected builders of horizontal machines. 
For our customers, the result is for maximum uptime and superior performance on fast-track
projects.  Makino and Matsuura machines provide precision cutting in the uppermost region
of the machining range, which makes it ideal for our close-tolerance programs.

AccuForm has the precision machining capability to meet your specifications,
and specializes in finding alternatives to die castings, “hog-outs,” and other,
more costly alternatives.  Equally important, we support our precision machining
operations with documentation and inspection procedures unsurpassed in our industry. 
Flatness specs are routinely held to 10 microns (.0004”), parallelism and perpendicularity
to 20 microns (.0008”) and bore sizes are routinely held to 5 microns (.0002”).  

AccuForm shop management systems provide the control and visibility to manage
change orders, balance workflow, keep all shop departments informed, and provide
customers with real-time job status updates.  We work with all major EDI formats,
and can supply pre-production runs during product development.  Our ability to
deliver production quantities of complex parts allows us to meet the most demanding
delivery schedules.


Precision Machining

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