Precision Aluminum Castings
Precision Aluminum Castings

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and automated inspection


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Precision Aluminum Castings
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AccuForm is the Midwest Regional Leader in
Precision Aluminum Castings.

AccuForm established its credibility with leading OEMs and Tier 1s by developing
and continuously improving manufacturing processes that precisely control quality
through casting design, and through exhaustive quality control at the foundry level.  

AccuForm specializes in two types of precision aluminum castings. The first is highly
cored castings with complex geometries.  An example is the engine
block shown top right.   

The other type of castings are manufactured using the V-Process. The V-process castings
supplied by AccuForm can have zero degree draft, which reduces weight and machining.
V-process castings are generally twice as accurate as typical sand castings, and unlimited
pattern life – a major cost saver. 

The V-Process produces high-value, low porosity precision aluminum castings with
exceptional repeatability, while facilitating very short lead times.  It is ideal for national
product programs that require high numbers of low-porosity, precision aluminum
castings to be delivered on a fast-track basis.

AccuForm supplies precision aluminum castings up to 20”X30”X40” and
weighing up to 300 lbs.

Precision Aluminum Castings

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