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Machining Aluminum Extrusions

Machining Aluminum Extrusions is different from the machining components
that are cast,
in that extrusions are generally of higher purity metal, with virtually
no porosity and a superior grain structure.  Aluminum extrusions are the most
economical way to manufacture linear pieces, thin or thick wall parts
(or components with both) or hollow parts.

Aluminum extrusions are usually the most economical way to make a raw part,
short of a die casting.  

The disadvantage of aluminum extrusions is that this option is only practical for
parts with constant cross sections along one axis.  Common examples of aluminum
extrusions are window frames, heat sinks, surgical instruments, amplifier housings,
and test and hand-held instrument housings.

AccuForm specializes in machining aluminum extrusions, and our staff is highly
skilled in the development of effective work holding for this task.  In many ways,
the challenges are similar to those for machining castings, which include accounting
for variations from part to part, and holding the part without deforming it.

Extrusion Machining

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