Machined Castings
Machined Castings

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Emerson test instrument housing These components were machined, then finished with black powder coating. Aluminum components, 20"x36", for hybrid buses.

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Machined Castings

AccuForm holds a unique position in machined castings. Unique because our
hands-on experience spans the entire casting process, from concept to drawings,
to tooling design and pattern making, through solidification analysis, gating design,
pouring, post casting processing, heat treatment, fixturing, and finally the precision
operations that go into making highest quality machined castings.

Understanding castings gives AccuForm and its valued customers substantial advantages
in terms of being able to talk the foundry “language,” accommodate changes at that level,
and review drawings for opportunities to make structural improvements, reduce costs, or both.

AccuForm can also help customers understand and evaluate which is most economical –
a cast-in feature or a machined one.  Sometimes, for example, it is less costly to machine
a slot than cast it.  And the equation is always influenced by and by the quantity
of castings involved.

AccuForm is the region’s most qualified single-source for precision machined castings. 
For customers, the advantages of having a single source are significant:  there are no
concerns about the quality of individual machined castings because AccuForm accepts
responsibility for the metallurgy and dimensions, as well as the machined features.  
Clients accept only finished machined castings, so finger-pointing disputes between
foundry and machine shop – a common occurrence elsewhere – are non-existent here.

On course, we also have many programs where castings are provided.  To insure that
only quality castings are machined, we can pre-quality each one using a FaroArm CMM that
measures each raw casting before machining, instantly determining if and how it deviates
from the standard, down to the smallest contour.

AccuForm is the machined castings specialist, with expert tooling at its foundation. 
We do not make tooling for lost wax, investment, permanent mold or plaster mold castings,
but can work with all of these (as well as die castings) – to produce the finest machined
castings possible.

“Accuform performs all of its work with the highest degree of integrity
and professionalism – and the finished product proves it.”

C.H. Gilmore, President
The Wellsville Foundry, Inc.


Machined Castings

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