Fixturing and Workholding
Fixturing and Workholding

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Precision fixtures, rather than common vices, maintain component integrity, prevent distortions. Makino high-speed horizontal machining center Faro laser system is used to pre-qualify castings, assuring that only castings that meet customer specifications receive precision machining by Accuform.

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AccuForm Designs and Fabricates Fixtures
for Straightening, Quality Control, and Workholding

AccuForm is uniquely capable of designing highly effective fixtures, particularly for
workholding, whether the application is a short-production run or permanent fixture,
roughing operation or finishing.

We have a thorough understanding of the casting process, and the challenges and
variations that must be accommodated for best machining results.  AccuForm fixture
designers use latest-generation SolidWorks 3-D design software.  Their decades of
hands-on expertise, combined with this advanced design tool, produces fixtures
that ideally suit each casting.

AccuForm fixtures are specific to the machine and casting, vertical or horizontal spindle,
and can use hydraulic, pneumatic or manual clamping – or combinations of these,
if that’s the most efficient alternative.  Fixtures can be designed to accommodate
multiple cast parts, often with just minor modifications in support structures. 
Designs are often created to accommodate split lines, draft angles, and post casting
finished areas, and always consider vibration damping, and to prevent issues
with clearance – or ergonomics.  

Fixtures are a key factor in how efficient a facility can be.  The impact of
work holding is even more direct, because it directly impacts set-up time,
ramp-up, turning speed, and ultimately, time-to-market.


Designed well, fixtures are a powerful factor in determining the precision and
consistency of straightening operations, the efficiency and effectiveness of quality
control processes, and the productivity of all machining operations.


Fixturing and Workholding

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