Casting Tooling
Casting Tooling

Specialists in aluminum castings, castings machining
and automated inspection


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AccuForm maintains one of the region's most extensive casting tooling inventories. Fuel injection system components receive precision machining in one of Accuform's 2-pallet machining centers. Precision fixtures, rather than common vices, maintain component integrity, prevent distortions.

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Casting Tooling

AccuForm specializes in casting tooling that satisfies specific design and production
  Design objectives include zero degree draft, to minimize machining and
casting weight, and thin walls – typically 0.125" over large areas and down to 0.09" in
smaller areas. For thin wall projects, we also provide fixtures for straightening.

Production objectives we are often asked to accomplish with our casting tooling
include patterns that will match the service life of the product, and low RMS finish.  

AccuForm can help you work through the important process of comparing and
contrasting green sand vs. V-Process, vs. die casting, and review, with full objectivity,
the casting tooling required for each.  Our specialty is casting tooling for V-Process
and sand casting; we can also collaborate on the design of tooling for die castings. 
Die castings involve the most costly tooling, but are often the most economical option
for manufacturing.

Casting Tooling

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