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Casting Design

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Casting Design

AccuForm has as long, strong track record in casting design and pattern making. 
Our specialty is working with customers on patterns that make parts easier and
less costly to cast,  while achieving consistent high quality. 

AccuForm has, from years of tooling experience, a thorough understanding of
why castings do – and don’t do – well in service, and brings this understanding to
bear on every casting design.  Our capabilities include castings that are up to
36” X 48”. The patterns we make are for sand castings: V-process, green sand,
and air-set, (bonded sand molds).

AccuForm’s casting design strategy focuses on quality and economy.
So when a customer is starting the casting design process, we can provide the tools
to help determine which process will be most advantageous for that application.

When the decision is made, we can secure the casting for the program, or, if there is
an existing foundry relationship, we can liaison between the customer and the foundry. 
The goal is to achieve optimum “castability,” best-possible machinability,
and maximum cost containment at every stage of the process

The AccuForm casting design process accommodates 3D CAD data, and we can
develop these files for customers as well.  We can also translate data into other
common formats for easier collaboration.


Casting Design

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