Automotive Aftermarket and Performance Parts
Automotive Aftermarket and Performance Parts

Specialists in aluminum castings, castings machining
and automated inspection


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Automotive cylinder as a rough casting, and the same part, following finish-machining. Vehicle fuel injection parts

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Automotive Aftermarket and
Performance Parts

“Accuform provides us with precision machining services for our blocks and cylinder heads.
They are also creating core boxes and patterns for additional parts I want to build.

Accuform is the perfect finishing subcontractor for our engine parts, which are used
exclusively for racing and high performance automobiles. They hold tolerances to .0005”
and have a CMM and dedicated CMM technician, to confirm these tolerances;
and their turnaround time is excellent."

Robert Pond, President
Robert Pond Motorsports


Markets we serve:
Medical Diagnostic equipmentScientific and industrial laboratory equipment
MilitaryAutomotive aftermarket and performance partsAerospace
Heavy equipment


Automotive Aftermarket and Performance Parts

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